How to write a simple Linear Program with an AbstractModel in Pyomo (wip)


This tutorial contains step-by-step explanations and a live example using Google Colab alongside with a folder from my GitHub page

This tutorial provides a hands-on approach to introduce the user to Pyomo, but by no means it intends to provide a complete understanding of the library. For more information on Pyomo, the Pyomo Documentation is a great first step.

Goals of this tutorial

  1. Show a simple and efficient file organization for solving a linear program with a Pyomo AbstractModel class.

  2. Show how to write a data file (.dat) for pyomo usage

  3. Shows a simple AbstractModel example

  4. Shows a script to instantiate your LP model, and optimize it with Pyomo.


-A google account to be able to push the material and work from the live demo

-Alternatively, you can install Pyomo on your own, and clone the files from this repo.

Let’s start!

LP program scheme

… …. …..