Having to work with lots of experimental data, and therefore lots of files, sometimes I see myself doing the most tedious tasks like renaming, or converting huge batches of files.

So in order to ease my life up (and practice some scripting in python) I started writing scripts for those tedious task, and adding those scripts in a public repository inside my github account:


Up to this point I have written 4 tiny (but useful) scripts:

-tsv2csv.py : Converts one single tsv file into a csv file;

-folderTsv2csv.py : Converts all tsv files in the current folder to a csv file;

-rename_file_subs.py: Renames substrings from all the files in the current folder;

-InkscapeConverter.py: Using Inkscape, it converts all the files in the current folder from pdf/eps/svg to png/pdf/eps

If anyone is interested, feel free to fork/clone it :)